A move message from Tracey Wedd

Ever since I joined the Club, some thirteen or so years ago, a lot of conversations regularly began with “When we move……” and as time went by it became a long-standing joke, a fantasy that would never be realised, but finally all the hard work over many many years has culminated in us all now being able to say “we are on the move!”

Many of our hearts will remain at Ram Gorse, but the facilities are unable to cope with our large and increasingly diverse membership. Lots of people enjoy rugby – it is an exciting way to exercise, and to make friends and socialise, even if you’re not on the pitch. It has a place for anyone, regardless of size, shape or age, which is proven in our increasing membership numbers: with our Mini and Junior Sections collectively almost at 200, a Colts squad, three Senior male teams, a Women’s squad and three developing Girls teams: this demonstrates our Club is thriving, despite its incompatible and unseemly facilities.

The next ten months will be spent obviously building the bricks and mortar of our new home, but also ensuring we have the right framework and processes in place to ensure the successful growth of our Club at Latton Farm. We need an efficiently operating Club, with a clear vision and agreed objectives, which has the revenue plan require to support the Club, the local community and the development of rugby in Harlow. We need to build on our solid base of providing a warm, friendly, safe environment for players, officials, supporters and visitors alike: at our new home we will be able to provide facilities that meet the needs of a mixed age, mixed sex playing and non-playing membership, and we will be able to provide facilities that enable our players’ potentials to be maximised. We also want to reach out to the wider community, by supporting not-for-profit organisations in any way appropriate, whilst sharing the experiences our fabulous sport brings to all involved.

“We want a Club which will allow a person a supportive environment to enjoy, learn, and play rugby to the very best of their ability. We want a Club that has the best facilities possible that supports the training, playing and watching of Rugby. We want a Club that offers a friendly and inviting place for the members and their families to spend their free time”. 

I am sure we can all agree these are very exciting times for Harlow Rugby Club!

Tracey Wedd

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