End of the 2019/20 Rugby Season

HRUFC STATEMENT – 20/03/2020


End of the 2019/20 Rugby Season
As I’m sure you are all aware by now the RFU has today announced the end of the 2019/20 Rugby Season. The RFU are working through the implications of ending the season early and have instigated a thorough process to ensure fair and balanced outcomes for the game. They will communicate these outcomes by the middle of April.

Financial Implications
Our business model is quite simple – we earn revenue from membership and events on and off the field and we invest that back into the club – we are very exposed to the cancellation of the season and social events. In this extraordinary situation the clubs executive and management team are working through a range of financial scenarios to make sure we have a club to come back to for the 2020/21 Rugby Season and have already undertaken financial measures to safeguard our business and Harlow Rugby Club.

Looking Ahead
The end-of-season is normally a time when we get-together and celebrate our achievements with the Minis; Youth; Senior and Club Awards evenings. At this time of social distancing these plans are on hold. Rest assured when the Government relaxes this stance we will make sure we gather and celebrate accordingly.
Planning for next season is now, or soon to be, at the top of all our committees agendas. We will need to embrace change and make sure we come out of this stronger. During this time we would like to thank you all for your continued support and for everything you are doing at this challenging time. We are immensely proud of the way our team(s) are pulling together to support each other at this critical time.

Please inform all your coaches, players and parents accordingly.

Stay Safe!

TUX – HRUFC Chair of Rugby

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