Date: Sun 16th Oct 2022

Time: 1.00pm

Match Report

We travelled to Barnet on Sunday to play a team we knew little about. As last week there coaching team were keen to make sure all their players had game time and we played four quarters to make sure all players were able to rotate.

Harlow were welcomed warmed by Barnet and arrived with a large squad than last week, late withdrawals from Rhys Eynon and Louis Fisher meant a re-jig of the team, with Ben Taylor stepping in to play at fly half.

The team adjusted well and warmed up working in some new combinations. With a number of new players involved we played uncontested scrums.

First quarter

Harlow were on the back foot from the kick off in the first quarter. Barnet were physical and fast from the off which caught Harlow off guard.

As Harlow were trying to attack, our execution at the break down wasn’t quite as sharp as Barnet. They turned over the ball, moved it wide and scores. 0-5

Recovering slightly from a shaky start, Harlow were able to up the tempo from Barnet ill discipline as we moved down the pitch penalty by penalty. Ben Taylor tapped quickly and bust the gap before off loading to Daniel Wood who touch down out wide 5-5.

Barnet regathered themselves and moved the ball wide where they picked an went from ruck after ruck as Harlow ran out of defenders they touched down. 10-0.

First quarter done, 10-5.

A quick chat, reorganisation and into the second quarter.  All of a sudden Harlow played their patterns and space opened up. Working down the pitch and keeping Barnet pinned in their twenty-two, Barnet were forced to put boot to ball to clear their lines.  Straight down the throat of Jason Webb who ran in to score. Ben Taylor converted. 10-12.

Another try came from great pattern play, when Ben Taylor made another break offloading once more to the ever present open side flanker Daniel Wood to touch down. 10-17.

This was the best quarter of the game for Harlow and showed what they can do.

Half time 10 – 17.

In the half time team the team were buzzing! Simple things were working, tighten up our execution and there are more tries out there.

The thing with rugby is there are 15 other people on the pitch trying to stop you doing what you want to do. Barnet were now going through their phases and their pattens. Through these phases they ran in a converted try. 17-17.

This pressure kept coming, Harlow were beginning to tire and the defence shape was being lost. As Harlow were forced to kick clear of their lines Barnet ran it straight back and score another converted try. 24-17.

Final play of the quarter saw Barnet work their phases and score another converted try. 31-17

Third quarter 31-17.

In final quarter was much the same at the third with Barnet returning a goal line drop out to score a converted try 38-17.

An unfortunate incident at the end of the game meant the game finished a little early. We hope that Ben Taylor can recovers quickly after having a great game.

Final Score 38 – 17

A great quarter of rugby played today which gives us plenty to build on. Work ons for next week include defensive shape particularly when we tire perhaps we will appoint defensive leaders.

Tries: Daniel Wood (2), Jason Web
Conversions: Ben Taylor
Penalties: Not this week
Referee: Society Referee

1. Kia Brogan, (Sub Oliver Davies), 2. Stan Dennis, (Sub Oscar Fult, Sub Daniel Rolfe-Doyle), 3. Reigan Clarke (Sub Toby Hanrahan), 4. Jacob Kearney (Sub Nickerson Said), 5. Louis Kashket, 6. Grady Butler (c), 7. Daniel Wood, 8. Owen Mills, 9. Leo Johnson, 10. Ben Taylor, 11. Jayden Kempthorne Harris, 12. Jessie Collins, 13. Marcus Blaney, 14. Jason Webb, 15. Eduard Turcu.