Date: Sat 16th Sep 2017

Time: 3.00pm

Match Report

Harlow needed a victory after losing their first league game at Wanstead. The first home game at Latton Park saw Harlow taking the game to Romford in the first 15 minutes of the game. The Harlow scrummage was strong keeping Romford enamored in their 22. With all the possession Harlow failed to get any points on the board. In Romford’s first attack unlucky Clark received a yellow card for a first offence, allowing Romford to get the first points on the board slotting the penalty through the posts.

Harlow 0 – Romford 3 (17 mins)

14-man Harlow reply straight away with a penalty kicked by Smith.

From a line-out Harlow quickly get the ball across the back line.

New full back Mathew Dodds breaks through to make the score.

Harlow 8 – Romford 3 (Try Dodds, Conversion Smith)

After 32 mins Dodds goes on a dancing run through Romford’s back line sucking their defence in and then offloading a simple pass to Woodington to score.

Harlow 15 – Romford 3 (Try Woodington; Conversion Smith) 

Romford responded and in first half injury time, after attacking Harlow’s line, score their first try.

Half Time: Harlow 15 – Romford 8

Harlow needed the first score in the second half to reinforce their authority on the game. 4 mins into the second half winger Whitby makes a break passing to Dodds who kicks through Romford’s back line and picks up the ball at speed to score his second try.

Harlow 22 – Romford 8 (Try Dodds; conversion Smith)

A dicey quick line out ball from Harlow backs releases Whitby to score Harlow’s 4th try.

Harlow 29 – Romford 8 (Try Whitby; Conversion Smith)

When you think Harlow have done enough to win the game Romford again come back with a try to keep themselves in the game.

Harlow 29 – Romford 15

With 10 minutes to go Harlow need to worry no more: Smith scores 2 penalties to make the final score .

Harlow 35 – Romford 15 (2 x Penalties Smith)

Full TIme: Harlow 35 – Romford 15


1.       Scott Stalley

2.       Mark Bowering

3.       Jack Christy

4.       Karl Rodell

5.       Adam Seeley

6.       Shaun Roberts

7.       James Clark

8.       Kain Claridge

9.       Alfie Clark

10.   Danny Smith

11.   Ryan McGlone

12.   Ross Stalley

13.   Andrew Tarsey

14.   Scott Whitby

15.   Matthew Dodds

16.   Kerry Palmer

17.   Dale Stalley

18.   Charlie Woodington