Date: Sun 1st Dec 2019

Time: 11:30am

Match Report

Sunday 1st December – Harlow u14s 22 Wansted u14s 31: Friendly

We hosted Wansted today for a friendly game on a sunny December morning. Last year we played Wansted and lost 65-5. Although the score didn’t land our way, we have made significant progress since that last fixture.

Harlow didn’t get off to the best start, from the kick off Wansted attacked and used their big powerful players well before scoring a converted try under the post. 0-7.

While coach Paul was retrieving the ball from the brambles in the farmers field next door, Harlow had kicked off and gone on the attack. Kenty described the try as just awesomeness, which sounds like a made up word, but the spell check agreed this is a word so it stays in! It sums up the play as the team supported each other well, off-loaded in the tackle, supported at the break down and they a couple of passes out to Montelle Levy who then touched down in the corner. 5-7

With Harlow now wide awake the game was very competitive and entertaining. Both teams battling each other at every break down.

From the to and fro, Wansted had a scrum near their own line. The Harlow pack, dominant in the scrum throughout the match, won the ball against the head and number eight Ben Ferrier picked up breaking for the line. It was brought down close to the line and then spun wide to Tolu Ajibabi to score. 10-7.

Just before half time Wansted worked a good set of pick and go to score a converted try near the posts. Wansted’s excellent kicking being the difference between the two teams at half time two tries a piece with a score of 10-14.

Half time 10 – 14.

At half time the players talked about tackling low, first time and continuing to look after the ball and each other at the breakdown.

The second half began well, Wansted were working hard and carrying the ball well. Harlow were putting in the tackles and if the first man missed the second made sure they came down to the floor.

Wansted scored a try out wide after putting the ball through the hands nicely. Then repeated this to take the game away from Harlow and to a 10-24.
It came towards the end of the game and Harlow started to fall off a few tackles on their big guys. There number 8 scoring a converted try near the post. 10-31.

You would have thought Harlow were done, but they weren’t and worked their way up the pitch, backs taking the space and forwards bashing it up. Some deft hands from Felix Waugh, out the back, check your watch style, put Henry Stovell in at the corner. The fight back was on 17-31

From the kick off, Ben Ferrier caught the ball and went on a run through, round and then just outpaced the defence to score under the posts which Joseph Pankhurst converted. 22-31, would there be time for anymore?

A kick off, a knock on from each side and the final whistle, more time and who knows how it would have finished, but with a try count of four trues to five a great game of competitive rugby where our players learn a little more about themselves and to keep going to the end.

Final Score 22 – 31.

In training let’s work on our handling skills, tackling and some more on our ruck management.

Special mentions: The tackle count in the row was immense James Ford, Ben Ferrier and Jamie Oliver putting in a quality display of tackling. Tobie Westbrook continues his good form at full back this season.
Harlow Man of the Match: Ben Ferrier (Chosen by Wansted), with a special mention for Henry Stovell.
Wanstead Man of the Match: Number 12 Ryan (Chosen by the Harlow players)
Tries: Montelle Levy, Tolu Ajibabi, Henry Stovell, Ben Ferrier
Conversions: Joseph Pankhurst
Penalties: None
Referee: Ian Rundall from Harlow

1. Felix Waugh (Sub Max Bien), 2. Archie Goodger (Sub Callum Boyce), 3. Joseph Williams (Sub Charlie Jacques), 4. Brandon Jackson (Sub Jacob Morgan), 5. Ed Lea, 6. Jamie Oliver, 7. James Ford, 8. Ben Ferrier, 9. Jack Rushworth, 10. Joseph Pankhurst, 11. Montelle Levy, 12. Owen Eynon, 13. Henry Stovell, 14. Joe Court (Sub Tolu Ajibabi), 15. Tobie Westbrook
All players played half a game or more.