Date: Sun 16th Oct 2016

Time: 11am

Match Report

A big welcome to SW today for a friendly. Conditions were perfect for rugby. After 5 minutes Harlow opened the score with a try from Owen Higgins driving into SW’s defence 5 metres from the line and scoring. Connor Ingram converted to 7-0. It wasn’t long before Harlow scored again with Connor Ingram outpacing the defence to score, 12-0. Shortly after, Dan Keane receiving a ball from Callum, broke through several tackles to score near the corner. 17 -0. Connor Ingram scored the conversion 5 metres from the touchline. 19-0. SW put in a good shift and kept their heads up, our pack kept them working hard.

Then a second try from Connor Ingram, good work from the forwards receiving the ball and driving forward, enabling Connor to get though the gaps that they created, resulting in a try and conversion.

26-0 at half time.

Changes were made to the team to give experience to all players. This did not slow the team down.

Connor Clarke scored one of his typical tries by ripping the ball and scoring 31-0. Again SW kept plugging away and at times were close to scoring themselves. Full marks to them for their grit and determination at this point. They took some hard hits but kept going. Connor Clarke, not content with one, had to score again 36-0. Sam Collins who was back after a long injury collected the ball and set himself up for a major sprint and despite SW players grabbing at the wind to get his shirt, he scored with space to spare. No more evidence of his fitness was requested. 41-0. We scored our final try when SW cleared their lines, but unfortunately for them the ball landed in Daniel Ringer’s hands. He had one thought, run for 30 metres and score. 46-0. This is his first try for Harlow.

However, true to their form, SW fought until the very end. This paid off with a try in the dying seconds, this was well deserved.

We would like to thank Jack Johnson for donning a Saffren Walden top when they suffered an injury.

Harlow coaches and players would like to extend a sincere thanks to Saffren Walden for travelling to us for this fixture. Playing this team reminded us of the pleasure that comes from playing a team that share the values of rugby, respect, determination and pure heart. Saffren Walden presented with a depleted squad as they had players away, we have offered to meet them at their ground to give them an opportunity to meet us with a full squad at a later date.

Today, the heart of our squad shone through. Every player played with their heart and soul, this was amazing to watch. We are looking forward to the future with this squad. Man of the match, Alex Perry for the forwards and for the backs, Connor Ingram.

Thanks to Tony Hill for refereeing. Well done Sir!

Squad: Leo Roach, Ewan Taplin, Peter Watt, Owen Higgins, Joe Norris, Will Keep, Alex Perry, George Garner (captain), George Gazzard, Connor Ingram, Callum Wright, Dan Keane, Sam Collins, Connor Clark, Sammy Kafas, Jack Johnson, Cam Howard, Lewis Chapman, Lou McArdell, Logan Thornwood, Daniel Mckenzie, Daniel Ringer, Ed Obeney, Joel Holding (didn’t play).