Date: Sun 15th Jan 2023

Time: 2:00pm

Match Report

This week the U16’s were away to Biggleswade / Bedford in a league game.

It was great to be back to rugby after the Christmas break. What was really great to see was 15 a side girls rugby being played on the first team pitch.

It was sponsors day at Biggleswade and the club had put on a breakfast with hot drinks for the girls which was well received as it was freezing…..

The first fixture against Biggleswade / Bedford was a close hard-fought contest and from the off this game was going to be the same. Both teams worked really hard at the ruck and there were some massive tackles put in from both sides. The first 10 minutes were a bit of an arm wrestle, Lily and Grace were working hard in the ruck area and Isabelle and Abi sticking in some great tackles. What ever the opposition threw at Harlow, they were coping with well. There were some strong carries from Elise and Kaiyah and we were making good use of our possession linking some phases together. The girls hard work paid off when Grace crashed over the line for the opening score (0-5).

Despite the continued pressure and great turnovers from Tasha and Wik the opposition manged to get the next score (5-5). The Harlow girls bounced right back and with some excellent carries from Niamh we were attacking again. All the forwards were really working hard to gain territory and were making good meters. The passing was looking good, and the backs were starting to see the ball more which was again putting pressure on the opposition. Biggleswade / Bedford defence was immense and the were matching Harlow in midfield with some of their own brilliant carries. There was some excellent counter rucking from the opposition which resulted in a turnover, but the girls reacted well and managed to regain possession.  Harlow spent some time camped close to the opposition try line, but they were defending well. The continued pressure saw Tasha go over for Harlow’s second try and put us back in the lead (5-10).

Half time 5 – 10.


The girls spoke well at half time and despite a bit of frustration at some decisions, settled well and went into the second half wanting to score the next points. This looked like it was going to be the case with some great linking play from Lucy and Elise into the backs. Olivia was getting some great ball on the wing and was working really hard to get as close to opposition try line as possible. But again, the opposition worked hard and began to swing the ball out wide themselves. Cadence made some important interventions as they continued to attack down the outside. This continued attack saw them score their second try (10-10).

The last period of the game saw everyone step up to try to help close in on the win. Cherys and Elexsis in the centres were brilliant working really hard and with the support from Connie were causing problems. Again, we were working hard in the forwards and using our passing to get the back into the game. Olivia was still making yards and was hit with a massive tackle but showed her strength by shrugging it off and getting ready to go again.

Harlow tried everything and never gave up although they came close a few times just couldn’t get the last score. With fatigue and a few injuries and what seemed to be the longest second half in history Harlow got sucked in and Biggleswade / Bedford used the space really well and scored on the final whistle (15-10).

Final Score 15-10


Although we didn’t get the result we wanted, the game was brilliant. Biggleswade / Bedford were brilliant hosts and was really lovely that opposition parents took the time to come and speak the coaches and girls to say how well they had played and how good the game was.

Player of the week is always hard but made even harder when everyone upped their game this week. Niamh carried really well, Elexsis’ work rate was brilliant. Isabelle was pointed out by the ref for having a great game. This week it went to Cherys. She worked so hard in defence and made some brilliant tackles, but also it was for her offensive work. She made some great runs and was always looking to straighten the attack line and caused all sorts of problems. Well Done.

Shout out to Olivia. First game for Harlow and it was a great one……

Players – Lucy, Isabelle, Elise, Kaiyah, Grace, Abi, Niamh, Lily (C), Tasha (VC), Wiktoria, Cherys, Elexsis, Olivia, Connie, Cadence.

Tries –                 Cons –