20 - 30 Cheshunt

Date: Sun 9th Sep 2018

Time: 11:30am

Match Report

Sunday 9th September – Harlow u13s v Cheshunt u13s

Today we joined the junior section of the club for the first time and welcomed Cheshunt to Latton Park a team we have had great close matches against in the past and today was very much a cut and thrust, with back and forth scoring throughout.

The game started on a much larger pitch than we are used to and we wondered how well we would cope. It is a big pitch but we managed to cover most of the pitch throughout the game, but there is a little more work to be done on how quickly we cover the ground. That said Cheshunt scored four tries to out three in the first half which mainly came from a mistake from us and then their strong running players taking the ball on.

Our first try was came from great team play progressing up the pitch, the ball was played wide out where Tobie Westbrook made sure with the touch down.

Second try was similar with great team play again and Danny Billington taking a shorter route straight through the middle.
Our third try came from Joe Court after a backs move in the middle of the park put Joe into some space and he took it without anyone getting that close to him.

Half time: 15-20 (3 tries to 4)

The second half was similar to the first half although we had changed most of our team. Those that came onto the pitch were keen to make their mark on the game and make a point. A lot more of the game was played in the middle of park and Cheshunt managed a try either side of ours. Henry Stovell scored our try after breaking down the blind side with a delicate touch down.

There we a couple of other tries we could have scored in the dying stages, Danny Billington was held up late on and there was a gapping blind side that just needed someone to run into but in summary it was great to get all those from our squad who were available onto the pitch for at least half a game. We’ve had a good run out before our first league game against Westcliff next week.

Second half: 5-10 (1 try to 2)
Final score: 20-30 (4 tries to 6)

Special mentions:
Archie Goodger – Man of the match and thank you for stepping in at centre
Owen Eynon – Donkey of the match (but for playing well, just not quite well enough)
Jamie Oliver – On debut today and stepped into centre in the first half due to an injury
Danny Billington – Bouldering Billington with loads of strong runs and a try (and held up for one)
Henry Stovell – Silky Stovell leading the team and getting on the score sheet
Joe Court – Finding a bit of space on many occasions and pinning his ears back and going for his try.
Callum Hewett – Showing us all how to tackle, carrying on from last season.
Josh Swann – On debut today getting stuck in
Corey Kelman and Charlie Jacques – both given team responsibilities in the second half and executing them extremely well.
A big thank you to all the parents who helped put out and take down ropes, bring in the bins, flag poles post protectors etc. It really helps make a difference.
Tries: Tobie Westbrook, Danny Billington, Joe Court, Henry Stovell
Referee: Geoff Hargreaves
Man of the Match: Archie Goodger
Donkey of the Match: Owen Eynon (because he didn’t work hard enough to be man of the match 
1st Half team
1. Jacob Morgan, 2. Archie Goodger, 3. Ed Lea, 4. George Snowdon, 5. Brandon Fletcher, 8. Freddie Adams, 9. Owen Eynon. 10. Tobie Westbrook (Sub Jamie Oliver), 11. Joe Court, 12. Danny Billington, 13. Henry Stovell (Captain), 14. Callum Hewett, 15. Montelle Levy
2nd Half team
1. Teddy Keys-Kidd, 2. Jamie Oliver, 3. Mason Paget, 4. Charlie Jacques, 5. Will Pite, 8. Corey Kelman, 9. Owen Eynon, 10. Henry Stovell (Captain), 11. Noah Reynolds, 12. Freddie Adams (Sub Archie Goodger), 13. Danny Billington, 14. Josh Swann, 15. Montelle Levy (Sub Joe Court)