The HRUFC AGM took place on Thursday 12th July with various reports from the Executive Committee.

The summary highlights for this past year are:

• Rugby: another successful year of rugby
• The Move: fantastic new facilities
• Legal & Governance: new trading subsidiary created to maintain CASC status
• Finances: record revenues for the Club
• Commercial: record sponsorship donations and advertising revenue
• Executive: agreed new structure for the management of the Club
• Membership: record levels of Memberships

The HRUFC Executive Committee elected are as follows:

• Chairman: Mrs Tracey Wedd
• Vice Chairman: Mr Stephen Foreman
• Chair of Rugby: Mr Paul Tucker
• Financial Controller: Mr Philip Hirst
• Honorary Secretary: Mr Christopher McFerran

The HRUFC Executive Committee have agreed the following objectives for next season:

Rugby and Playing Objectives:

• 1st XV to achieve a top 4 finish in London 2 North East.
• Girls Rugby to be played at all age groups out of Harlow Rugby Club.
• Implement the role of ‘Transitional Coach’ responsible for managing the transition of U16s-U19s into Senior Rugby; and specifically, 1st Year Colts to have age appropriate players having a taste of playing senior rugby in 2019.

Legal and Financial Objectives:

• To generate the revenue required to support the running costs of Latton Park to support the playing and development of rugby.
• To maintain sink fund of a minimum of 75K.
• To maintain a capital reserve of 50K.

Club Objectives:

• To consolidate and grow our Membership.
• To create a supportive Volunteer program to recruit, retain and reward our Valuable Volunteers.

Chairman’s Summary

The past 12 months have been spent learning to manage, develop and utilise this fantastic facility, and is obviously still work in progress. As we complete our first operating year at Latton Park we now know our real annual cost base and the budget required to control our costs. The Trading Company now knows how much money to generate to provide the CASC with sufficient revenue to support rugby.
We are in a transition from a small amateur rugby club into a significant business, and with this comes the requirement of a greater management of resources, costs, budgets and controls in order to successfully operate.
We now have a strong foundation and infrastructure in place to allow us to focus on the development of the commercial opportunities of Latton Park to generate the revenue to support the running costs of this amazing facility, and to support the playing and development of Rugby in Harlow.

If you have any questions, please email

Kind regards
Tracey Wedd
HRUFC Chairman

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