HRUFC New Members’ Representatives


HRUFC Executive is pleased to announce three new Members’ Representatives have joined the Committee: Andy Gazzard, U17s Coach; Andy Spillane, Saints player, and Ben White, U10s Coach and Saints Player, recently volunteered to represent the Members’ views on the Executive Committee and act as an additional conduit for information and ideas.

As a reminder the HRUFC Executive Committee (chaired by Tracey Wedd, Chairman) has overall responsibility for Harlow Rugby Club and delegates certain responsibilities to several sub-committees: HRUFC Trading Committee (chaired by Ian Gallentree, Trustee); HRUFC Club Committee (chaired by Tracey Wedd, Chairman); and HRUFC Rugby Committee (chaired by Paul Tucker, Chair of Rugby).

Further details are displayed on the Notice Board near the Club Office.

Any rugby queries should initially be sought to be resolved by your Team Manager, or Section Chair, which can then be referred to the Rugby Committee if necessary.

Any other queries can be directed to members of the Club or Trading Committees as appropriate.

Alternatively please contact any Executive Officer with your query:


Alan Price | President |

Tracey Wedd | Chairman |

Steve Foreman | Vice-Chairman |

Paul Tucker | Chair of Rugby |

Phil Hirst | Financial Controller |

Chris McFerran | Honorary Secretary |


Tracey Wedd

HRUFC Chairman


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