Important Move Update – 3 May

Like all large projects it is always the smallest of issues that come to bite you, unfortunately such an issue has occurred which has delayed the connection of power to the site which has delayed the working up of the plant room, the under floor heating, the laying of the ground floor coverings and the final finishing’s of the changing rooms.

This problem could not have been foreseen by the project team, as part of the legal preliminaries a research of the surrounding areas was undertaken with all agencies and permission was sort and obtained from all relevant parties to dig the trenches and install the cables. UKPN recently carried out their own survey and searches and were given different information and identified a strip of land for which no permission had seemingly been granted and refused to move forward until clarification had been achieved, which was eventually done last week and the supply was connected last Friday.

Yesterday we received an updated project plan from the builders with a Completion Date of 30th June, following this the club will need a further 2 weeks to carry out the myriad of things we need to do to make the site usable. We now envisage the Club opening on Saturday 15th July.

We will hold the official opening late August/Early September.

I can assure you everyone involved in the project and the Club’s Executive are very disappointed with this delay, and are working as hard as possible to ensure the 30th June deadline is not missed. Next week we will issue a revised updated plan.


Alan Brooking.

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