#Inner Warrior


Rugby Women & Girls

Have you ever felt that fiery ball of fearlessness stir within you?

Where doubt is squashed by determination?

That’s your inner warrior. We all have one. We just have to meet it.

And rugby empowers women to discover our inner toughness.

Whether you’re tall or small, fast or powerful, tactical or combative, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve on the pitch.

Because when we tackle our weaknesses, we also discover our strengths.

Join us and be part of a band of fierce, fearless females, where anybody and any body can flourish.

This is where inner warriors are both found and celebrated.

After all, sport not only builds character, it also reveals it.

This is the game for you, get out of it what you want, play your way.

It is about confidence and contact, fitness and femininity, pride and performance.

Women’s rugby is on the rise and there are lots of ways to get involved.

At Harlow Rugby Club our Women & Girls training sessions are a fun-packed, commitment-free way for females to get outside, get muddy and experience the dynamic, exhilarating sport of rugby for the first time.

With plenty of help on hand, we will introduce you to the basics of rugby – passing, kicking and tackling, coupled with enjoyable fitness routines – helping you step out of your comfort zone and unearth your Inner Warrior !

For more information contact Tracey Wedd on 07890 632238 or email traceywedd@gmail.com

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