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Why JOCA? 

Following the tragic loss of three members through suicide and self-destructiveness at Welwyn Garden City Rugby Club, a few like-minded club members felt they had a social responsibility to do something to do something to help.  Not only to provide practical and emotional support but also to dispel the stigma of mental health and encourage a safe environment for those affected to open up.  JOCA offers support, guidance, and a friendly ear in a time of need and can fund professional counselling where needed, as well as practical support in difficult times. 


JOCA Aims & Objectives 

To provide support, guidance, and a friendly ear to our Rugby family. 

  1. To destigmatise mental illness, especially in young men. 
  1. To encourage people, especially our young men, to talk and be open and supportive with each other. 
  1. To create and nurture a safe environment for people to feel OK to open up. 
  1. To improve mental wellbeing and make it as important as physical fitness. 
  1. To spot the signs that somebody might be struggling and appropriate steps to take. 
  1. To change the whole ethos of the rugby club from 7 year to 70+ years with regards to mental health support 


JOCA Mission Statement 

To create and nurture a culture where there is better understanding and care of mental health and wellbeing amongst our rugby family. 


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