A message from the Chair of Rugby

As we slowly move into our new facility at Latton Park there is no doubt that we are learning as we go and it’s great to note a number of really positive suggestions as to how we best facilitate the players rugby playing experience and help guide everyone around the club. I’ve likened it a little to moving house but on a larger scale and we won’t get everything right first time, we’ll probably move the furniture at least 10 times before we’re comfortable and we will get things wrong! I do have however ask that everyone’s patient as we adopt our new home and remember that the club is run by volunteers who give up a vast amount of their time to support us all.

With this in mind and as we start to see Rugby at the Club I would like to remind everyone of the Rugby Core Values of Teamwork; Respect; Enjoyment; Discipline; Sportsmanship as they are at the heart of everything we do. As members of the rugby family I would also like to put on notice the rules governing expected club and general touchline behaviour!

· Support positively and applaud good play.
· Respect officials and opposition players.
· Remember that children are playing to have fun.
· Behave as good role models on the touchline.
· Congratulate the opposition and make their supporters welcome.

· Force our child to play rugby.
· Stray from the touchline onto the pitch.
· Verbally abuse match officials, players or other spectators.
· Threaten, intimidate or use bad language.
· Give offence by way of insult, humiliation or discrimination.

So, as we begin the process of commissioning our pitches I would like to champion one of these behaviours in particular and that we never ‘stray from the touchline onto the pitch’, this has a dual meaning this season and is especially relevant as we bed in our new pitches. Under advice from our ground staff we need to take great care that we don’t scar or ruin them by overusing and abusing them as we had a tendency to do at Ram Gorse. At all times we need to respect the white lines and stay off the pitches unless we’re training or playing.

Of course we still want everyone to have fun whilst at the club and we do recognise that children and adults alike will want to kick and throw a ball around when the pitches aren’t in use. All I would ask is that this play time is restricted to the minis pitch area and the grass at the top of the bank. This area will become more apparent and visible when Pitch 2 is marked out in the next week or so!

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding, it really is appreciated.

Paul Tucker (Tux)
Chair of Rugby

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