Move Update – 9 July

I can announce that yesterday the Practical Completion Certificate was agreed and signed off, however there is a degree of snagging to complete inside the Club and some large bits of work outside. To ensure this happens Huttons Project Team will remain on site until all works are satisfactorily signed off. This week we will ​also ​complete the remaining legal bits of work and take over the lease​.

In terms of set up, we made fantastic progress last week, but still a lot to do this week s​​o the Club will be closed this week ​and PPE will still be needed to be worn on site.​

​I want to thank all the Members who offerred assistance, our Club Manager David Bennett, Bar Manager Tammy Hitchcock, Andy Flatts, Darren Addicott, Kerry Palmer and Paul Smith who all did an amazing job last week to ensure we could open for Members to watch the Lions.

Further details will be sent with regard to next Sundays opening timings but as a general notice from Monday 17th, the Club will be open from 1000 to 2200 every day, and the Bar will open from 1400-2200 (TWTF) Saturday 1200-2300, Sunday 1200-1800, these times may be adjusted when events are taking place.

This Friday, my role as Move Chairman technically comes to an end as we hand over the keys to the Executive, I want to thank everyone from those that are no longer with us, who started this project in 1997, to the current Trustees, Ian, Mike and Steve who have given invaluable help over the past 8 years, I also want to thank Alan Price and all the Executive for their support over the past 14 months.

I am incredible pleased, proud and honoured to have been allowed to get on with this project, but now is the time to look forward, and for the ​Executive, Players, ​Members of today and the future to take this “once in a lifetime opportunity” on ​both on and off the field ​and propel the Club forward.

I​ will enjoy watching from the bar!


Alan Brooking

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