Restrictions Lifted at Harlow Rugby Club

Restrictions  Lifted at Harlow Rugby Club

We are very excited that the government’s restrictions have now been lifted. After a long 16 months, we are happy to finally move forward and bring back the joy of hospitality and celebrate those special moments we have missed.

Covid Operational Update
Following the government’s announcement that most Covid legal restrictions will be lifted in England on Monday 19th July, the Club Executive and Management Team have reviewed how this impacts our Club. The COVID Team (AB, SF, CMcF, PT) have reviewed the Governments Guidance, and whilst on one hand Government have relaxed social distancing, on the other they have strengthened the need for the Club to carry out risk assessments primarily, protection for the staff and the need to assess the number of people in the Club on an event by event basis to help slow the rate of transmission.

We still need to take responsibility to protect our Staff and Patrons, and to maintain the safest environment that we can for all. This, together with the rising infection rates and the risk of having to close the Club if all our Staff have to self-isolate, have contributed to our decisions on this matter.

From Monday 19th July, until at least Monday 16th August (when fully vaccinated people will not have to self-isolate if a close contact tests positive for Covid), Harlow Rugby Club will be operating in the following manner:

  • Our Staff will continue to carry out all Covid activities, e.g., wearing face masks, specific Covid hygiene tasks, regular lateral flow testing, etc. etc.
  • The Club’s QR Code for the NHS COVID-19 App will continue to be available for your use at the main entrance, together with the manual signing-in book, although it’s use is optional
  • We will continue our ordering and payment operation via the Round App: no service will be provided at the Bar.
  • As there is now no legal restriction of 6 indoors and/or the requirement to socially distance, all our Patrons will have the option to sit and/or stand in groups of their choice, in groups of any size and socialise as they want.
  • There is now no legal requirement for anyone to wear masks, but please feel free to wear them as and when you want.
  • When visiting the Club, please be mindful of others who may not be as comfortable with the relaxation of rules as you are.

To be clear we are NOT stopping anyone from coming to the Club, drinking, mingling, standing up all we are asking is that; You order your drink via the Round App and when notified either collect it from the bar or it will be brought to you, this reduces the bar getting crowded and helps protects the Staff and keeps us open. High tables will be repositioned if you want somewhere to stand.

Remember, we are trying to maintain the safety of all and prevent the situation arising where we would have to close the Club. We hope you all agree that this is not only the most sensible but the right decision.

Please do not abuse our Staff for implementing any of these decisions: instead, please contact any one of our Executive or email for more information.

“Be safe, be smart, be kind!”

Paul Tucker
Harlow RUFC | Chair of Rugby
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