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The question of poor discipline on the field and on the touchlines is one that continues to greatly concern the RFU, Essex County RFU and ourselves.

The Club works hard to ensure full compliance with the RFU Core Values as well as the Club’s own verbal/physical behavioural expectations and is determined to ensure that we are a welcoming and sporting group both on and off the field.

Whilst we are by no means the worst behaved club we did experience a number of issues last season involving players and spectators that do nothing to enhance our reputation and we are, therefore, absolutely determined to improve upon this as we move towards the coming season.

We would, particularly, wish to remind all players, coaches, spectators, parents etc that we adopt an absolute zero tolerance with regards to any form of physical or verbal abuse towards referees or other match officials. Anyone found guilty of this sort of behaviour will be subject to the most stringent of sanctions which may, in certain circumstances, include permanent exclusion from the Club.

Aside from matchday red cards issued, in the coming season we shall be monitoring yellow cards and will look to identify trends involving teams and/or individuals and the Club Disciplinary Panel will review these and take any appropriate action considered appropriate.

Let us all ensure that the high standards set in previous seasons are maintained and improved upon in Season 2019/2020.

Good luck to all for the coming year!

Harlow RUFC – Disciplinary Committee

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