About JOCA

Tackling mental health – Help is Just One Click Away


JOCA is a welfare committee dedicated to promoting and ensuring pastoral care and general well-being for all members

Aims and objectives

  • To offer all club players support, guidance, and a friendly ear
  • To destigmatise mental illness in men and women of all ages
  • To get our young men and women to talk and be open with each other
  • To improve mental well-being and make it as important as physical fitness
  • To notice the signs and to offer support
  • To change the whole ethos of the rugby club from 7 years to 70 years as regards mental health support and general well-being

Time to Change

The support of a coach, teammates and other club members can play an important role in supporting someone who has mental health problems.

The hope is that the stigma around talking about our mental health and the resulting risks will be reduced by training in spotting the signs and a readiness to step in and offer help.

Mental illness is an often-unspoken issue, occasionally can lead to self-harm and suicide which is sadly the biggest killer in the UK of young men aged 22 to 42.