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Following the tragic loss of three members through suicide and self-destructiveness at Welwyn Garden City Rugby Club, a few like-minded club members felt they had a social responsibility to do something to do something to help.  Not only to provide practical and emotional support but also to dispel the stigma of mental health and encourage a safe environment for those affected to open up.  JOCA offers support, guidance, and a friendly ear in a time of need and can fund professional counselling where needed, as well as practical support in difficult times.

JOCA Aims & Objectives

  • To provide support, guidance, and a friendly ear to our Rugby family.
  • To destigmatise mental illness, especially in young men.
  • To encourage people, especially our young men, to talk and be open and supportive with each other.
  • To create and nurture a safe environment for people to feel OK to open up.
  • To improve mental wellbeing and make it as important as physical fitness.
  • To spot the signs that somebody might be struggling and appropriate steps to take.
  • To change the whole ethos of the rugby club from 7 year to 70+ years with regards to mental health support

JOCA Mission Statement

To create and nurture a culture where there is better understanding and care of mental health and wellbeing amongst our rugby family.


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