February 2021

House of Rams Podcast: Series 2, 4

Series 2 episode 4, two episodes in two days! In this episode friends Kain Claridge, Rob Mackie and Will Grimley pick their best ever 1st XV. I hosted and tried to keep some sort of order. Who made the team, what other random stories came out? Listen on…

House of Rams Podcast: Series 2, 3

Series 2 continues, this time I meet with 1st team captain Luke Miz Bowering to ask the important questions of the day. Is Michael Weston the best coach ever? Who makes the most tackles? Who is the fastest in the back row? How often he messes up a line out call? What does he remember … Continued

House of Rams Podcast: Series 2, 2

We continue podcast Series 2 Lock Down 3 as I speak with Ross Loveday who has recently fired up the typewriter and bashed off a few new editions of RamPages find out more about Ross’s career and much much more…  

House of Rams Podcast: Series 2, 1

It has been a while, series 2 episode 1 of our House of Rams Podcast is available now. I catch up with Paul Tucker our chair of rugby about what’s happening at the club and all things rugby. Have a listen….