Club History


More about Harlow Rugby Club

Harlow Rugby Club was founded 50 years ago and has grown from having one team in 1955 to now providing teams for men, ladies boys and girls from the age of six to veteran players. Harlow Rugby Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC). This commits us to providing sports opportunities for the local community at affordable prices. CASC status also allows businesses to tax back on the money they invest into our club and to offset donations and advertising fees against annual tax liabilities.

A further benefit to the club is that donations from individuals qualify for gift aid allowing us to reclaim the income tax paid. A major factor in our success has be the generous financial support of a large number of local businesses and individuals. We do not however see this as a one way process; we think there are many ways in which our business supporters gain benefits from their involvement with us. In this page we will explain what we can offer to you and the various ways in which we think you can assist us.

We have a membership base of approximately 500 people. We are very much a family oriented club so if you add to this the partners of the adult members and the parents of the junior players then our immediate contact base is over 1000 and that is even before you allow for members extended families and visiting teams and their supporters.