Why Rugby?

Rugby union is a game for everyone: big lads, small girls – thinkers, sprinters – veterans, youngsters.

Rugby is about taking part, having fun and keeping active. No matter if you’re a newbie or want to get back into the game, Harlow Rugby Club has a team to suit you and help you enjoy your rugby playing experience!

From first-time minis to die-hard veterans, there’s a place in this Harlow rugby family for everyone.


We asked some of our players ‘Why Rugby’?…

‘I like rugby because it feels like the adrenaline pumps through my veins when I play and watch it. Harlow Rugby Club has a great post-game atmosphere because it’s great to get a hot dog and talk with my team after the match.’

Sam Wix, U12’s (20/21)


‘Why rugby?’ 

  • Why do you play rugby?  

I was introduced to rugby at a young age, ruggerbugs, mini rugby and now youth rugby I always liked tackling my brother and being better at it than him, although he would debate that! 

  • What is it you love about the game? 

Running, tackling, scoring tries all of it really! 

  • What is it you like about our club? 

Great pitches, great coaches and people 

  • Anything else you are missing about rugby?

Missing rugby like crazy in lock down, running or fitness sessions just aren’t the same and I can’t wait for it to come back

  • Anything else you would to say about rugby?

Great team mates and good fun 

Rhys Eynon, U14’s (20/21)


My rugby sonnet

I play 4 Harlow u15 team

With Sunday matches and Wednesday train

It is fun as it can be like a dream

Sometimes when we play it can start to rain

Work hard, play hard, have fun with friends

The teamwork, the laughs can never get old

It is a real shame when it has to end

 The spectators often shiver with cold

We play our sport with courage, grit and passion

While driven by success and joys of winning

Red and green, our team colour fashion

Teamwork and fun are what’s underpinning

Rugby is the funniest sport ever!

I could play forever!

Tasha Blunden, Girls U15’s (20/21)


Why Rugby!

Because it is exciting and you don’t know what is going to happen next.  That’s why I love it.  The coaches are very supportive.  The club is a nice place to train and everyone is friendly.  I have made some good friends.

Bailey Adams, U12’s (20/21)


For more information email our Chair of Rugby, Rugby@HarlowRugby.Club.

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