Schools Rugby

For almost all young players, the rugby journey begins through participating at school or a local rugby club so we at Harlow Rugby are proud to run a schools development programme to help foster those relationship(s).

The Programme

  • 5 year rolling plan (funded via Sponsorship)
  • Delivered to Secondary, Junior and Primary Schools
  • Delivered to Boys and Girls
  • Delivered by Harlow Rugby Coaches

The Deliverables

  • Increased participation
  • Increased members at Junior Level
  • Improved skill base
  • Sustainable rugby in Harlow

The ethos and Core Values of Rugby Union learned as part of our programme will undoubtedly aid the development of confident, capable young people who are able to make a positive contribution to school life and the wider community.

For more information on Harlow Rugby’s School Development Programme please email Rugby@HarlowRugby.Club