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JOCA can provide expert advice from our network of experts such as financial, employment, substance abuse, family matters, relationships, sexuality and just about anything else you could need.  JOCA is also able to refer to our own counsellor and therapist without the usual queues or costs. 


  • JOCA offers easy access contact via email, call and/or meeting
  • JOCA can provide a free counsellor within 24-48 hours when needed
  • JOCA make it aware that there is always someone who will listen
  • JOCA will try it’s best to help remove the stigma that strong tough rugby players don’t and shouldn’t have mental health issues

No one has to try alone – ASK for HELP if you need it

Mental Health does NOT mean you are weak

It’s okay not be okay


  • We want to nurture players welfare
  • We want to promote Mental health and Wellbeing
  • We are able to provide Employment Support
  • We are able to provide a Friendly Ear


We are very proud to be the 1st Essex Rugby Club involved in JOCA




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