Date: Sun 25th Sep 2016

Match Report

Warm welcome to Romford. It was good to meet up with Romford’s coaches, some of which we have known for several years.

This was the U15s first league game of the season and it turned out to be a very tight affair. It started well for Harlow. Good ball handling resulting in making good inroads into Romford by our forwards. Harlow opened the scoring with a good supported play from the backs. Connor Clark ran into the Romford defence at about their 22 and off loaded just before contact onto Lewis Chapman who in turned passed to Cameron Howard who came from our full back position to score in the corner. Connor Ingram was very close to putting 2 more points on the board but was short by only a few metres. 5-0

From the kick off Harlow again returned the ball back into Romford’s half. What we have been practicing at training was starting to pay off. Everyone was putting in a good shift in. Tackling was fierce. No one was pulling out I would say that this is the best I’ve seen Harlow play for quite a while. We soon scored again . This time it was our forwards dominating the game resulting in George Garner taking the ball and running straight at Romford and again just before contact popping the ball of the Cameron Howard for him to score his second try. We should have scored at least another two tries but ball handling was our downfall. Again something to work on.

Half Time 10-0

With the second half starting Harlow seem to be a different team. We kept knocking on, second to the break downs, losing the ball in contact and missing tackles. This all resulted in Romford scoring a simple try and they deserved it 10-5. We didn’t seem to learn our lesson and it wasn’t long before Romford put on another score. Romford never stopped plugging away. Harlow had to change their approach and started to get the game back under when subs were introduced to liven up our play. With 10 mins to go Cameron scored his third try of the day. Will Keep came of from a scrum and crashed into their backs causing them to rock back. He then placed the ball back and was picked up by Cameron Howard who forced his way over the line with some strength pushing the Romford defence back . 15-10. Both teams pushed each other back and forth but time was up. It was a tough game for both sides. Just one further note. We would like to thank the Romford coaches for noticing that one of their players was getting a bit heated. They subbed him so he could calm down. He came back on with some 10 mins to go with his thoughts solely on the game. Well played Romford.

Tries: Cameron Howard 3
Man of the Match
Forwards: Ewan Taplin.
Backs: Cameron Howard

Squad: Leo Roach, Ewan Taplin, Peter Watt, Owen Edwards, Joel Holding, Will Keep, Alex Perry, George Garner, George Gazzard, Connor Ingram, Ed Obeney, Connor Clarke, Daniel Keane , Lewis Chapman, Cameron Howard, Lou McArdell, Logan Thornwood, Daniel McKenzie, Daniel Ringer, Callum, Jack Jackson, Sammy Kafas