Date: Sun 27th Nov 2016

Time: 10.30am

Match Report

Under 11s

Today we welcomed Witham to Harlow on a dry autumn morning.  Witham arrived with 11 players and we had 22 players which we split into squads of 11 swapping the teams at half time, playing 10 a side with a rolling sub.

While the kids were not playing in the match Paul Smith did a grand job of getting a Harlow v Harlow game going and some extra training.  We played three matches, the first two 10 minutes each way and the last game 5 mins each way.

First match: Harlow 4 – Witham 2

The first half showed we had learned a lot from the recent focus on rucking and were a little loose with our tackling initially but soon got going. At half time we were trailing 2-0 but that wasn’t a true reflection on how the team was playing. Passing could have been a little better to take advantage of a few overlaps but we were in the game.

The team changed completely at half time and from the off Bailey had turned up with fire in his belly scoring almost immediately with a step and go. He was working so hard he even got over the try line a second time only for the ball to be knocked from his grasp at the last moment. This was a fate Archie suffered as well, getting to the line but unable to ground it. The team was playing week and passing was improving and showing that when we get Joe some space he really is a lethal finisher and he managed to get in for three tries.

Tries: Bailey Smith, Joe Court (3)

Second match: Harlow 4 – Witham 3

Having won the first game the 1st half team were keen to show that they had something about them as well. The determination at the ruck of Gabe and Teddy, led to put so much pressure on when the ball went loose Teddy was on hand to touch it down and claim the try (Gabe was very close).   Montelle found a little space for himself and zipped over the line to give us a half time lead of 2-1.

The second half team came out all guns blazing Joe and Bailey again (working very hard to cover all the blades of grass and loose leaves) both in for tries in the second half to take us to a 4-3 win.

Tries: Teddy Keys-Kidd, Montel Levy, Joe Court, Bailey Smith

Third match: Harlow 4 – Witham 2

The last match was the last chance to play today and the shortened game (5 mins per half) both teams wanted to play some rugby. The Witham team had some big players who slowly made some inroads. Some great tackling from Rhys in his first competitive game made sure the inroads were occasional and short.

In the first half Montelle was zipping about in space running around the bigger players he managed to get a brace of tries. In the second half Joe found some space and scored then broke again and could have scored only to unselfishly pass the ball to a supporting player. It didn’t quite come off this time but it was the right thing to do especially with our work on passing recently. At the end of the game a break from Owen saw him tackled short of the line then some good passing saw Archie burrow over for the final try of the game.

Tries: Montel Levy 2, Joe Court, Archie Goodger

Man of the match went to Gabe Greaves, we have been focusing on rucking and Gabe excelled at it today. His cleaning out was excellent and the great work he did with him and Teddy led to Teddy’s try. Excellent work Gabe.

Team list: Alex Kingston-Hyde, Amity Mignot, Archie Goodger, Bailey Smith, Callum Hewlett, Corey Kelman, Dylan Hodges, Freddie Adams, Gabe Greaves, Gabriel Cusick, George Snowdon, Henry Stovell, Jacob Morgan, Jacque Mignot, Jake Collier, Joe Court, Montelle Levy, Morgan Hawkins, Owen Eynon, Rhys Casey, Ryan James, Teddy Keys.

It was a brilliant morning of rugby and all the kids did really well today so happy days.

Under 12s

Chingford v Harlow 2-0

The under 12’s were finally able to produce a full squad with the new players – Todd, Luke, David and Michael.

This was a very close game against Chingford with the final score 2-0 to Chingford. There was some amazing tackling from Charlie, Liam, Lando, Todd and Luke and some great runs made byJjack and Darcy.

Mason and Kieran also made a name for themselves with some good tackling

It was a team effort and Harlow was unlucky to lose.

Harlow v Witham 10-1

The second game against Witham started with a try by Charlie. This was followed closely by a try from Jack. Harlow were off to a great start, as a team they are really starting to take shape and talking to each other.

Kieran made an amazing run to make it 3-0. Witham kicked off and Lando got stuck in winning the ball back. Charlie makes an amazing run and scores making it 4-0.
Charlie then scores another try, it’s now 5-0 .

Witham score right at the end of the first half. Score 5-1 to Harlow.

Witham kicked off the second half, Harlow were trying hard to keep their formation.
Liam scores a try to make it 6-1. Charlie then followed up with another try 7-1.
Darcy made a gret try saving tackle to stop Witham scoring.
Jack runs the length of the field and makes it 8-1. Liam then got the ball passing it to Darcy with an amazing run it’s 9-1. Charlie finishes off a great game with the final try of the game Harlow win 10-1.

Well done Harlow