Date: Sun 15th Jan 2017

Time: 9.30am

Match Report

  • UNDER 11s Match Report
  • Today we travelled to Old Grammarians in Enfield for an earlier than normal kick off at 9:30am. It was wet, cold and very grey.

    1st Game: 10 mins each way
    1st half lost 3-0
    Taking a little while to warm up and get going the individual tackling was good, particularly from George, Tobie, Archie and Bailey but we weren’t quite ready to defend as a team. Archie seemed to enjoy his time at hooker as he won all but one scrum both his own ball and the opposition.

    2nd Half lost 6-0
    With almost a complete team change at half time, we again took a little while to warm up. Team defending was an issue but there were a number of notable impacts the kids were having on the game. The clearing out of the ruck has improved immensely which is helping us keep the ball well. With the opposition ruck we have cleared out the ruck well to win the ball back on a number of occasions. Special mentions to Corey, Charlie, Freddie and Teddy.
    Result: Lost 9-0

    2nd Game: 10 mins each way
    1st half drew 3-3
    Now we are back in the game and we have turned up! This half of rugby was excellent from both sides and despite the conditions the kids were moving the ball well and looking for a fellow player in space. Tobie was exceptionally good at this and often found himself with Montelle outside him and the interplay between them was great. Montelle grabbed three tries in this half as each score by the opposition was matched.

    2nd Half lost 4-2
    The team changed almost completely again for the second half, Montelle and Owen staying on from the start. Both of them managed to add tries, Montelle using his pace in space once more and a great break from Henry saw him sprinting down the touch line leaving the opposition in his wake. He was tackled just short of the line for Owen to pick up and drive over, Owen was hit hard and driven back but kept his composure to reach out with one arm and ground the ball for the try.
    Amity and Montelle managed a great switch for one of Montelle’s tries and it’s always good to see things move from the training ground to a match.

    Harlow try scorers: Montelle Levy 4, Owen Eynon
    Result: Lost 7-5

    3rd Game: 5 mins each way
    A shorted 5 minute each way game with many more substitutions during the game. The conditions were slowly thawing the kids with a number of them who were not playing working out that if you have enough umbrella’s you can build a tent and get enough body heat in there to keep off the chill. On the pitch cold hands and bodies disrupted the flow, but still there was good commitment, Jacob and Corey wiped out anyone trying to encroach on the Harlow ball at the ruck.
    Gabe and Charlie were working hard today and they are becoming fierce opponents for any opposition.

    Result lost 3-0

    Despite the weather the kids enjoyed the outing and particularly in the second game, the early start meant early home this week J

    Man of the Match: Tobie Westbrook, today he stood out with his draw the man and pass to a player in space a great skill we have been looking for. His combination with Montelle was brilliant as he set him up for try after try.
    Team list: Amity Mignot, Archie Goodger, Bailey Smith, Charlie Jacques, Corey Kelman, Freddie Adams, Gabe Greaves, George Snowdon, Henry Stovell, Jacob Morgan, Jacque Mignot, Montelle Levy, Owen Eynon, Teddy Keys, Tobie Westbrook, Will Pite