Harlow RUFC AGM 2023 Notification

Dear Club Member

Harlow Rugby Union Football Club Limited will hold its Annual General Meeting at Latton Park on Wednesday 30th August 2023 commencing at 8:00pm.


  1. President’s Opening Remarks
  2. Approval of Previous Minutes
  3. Chairman’s Report
  4. Financial Report
  5. Rugby Report
  6. Appointment of Auditors and Bankers
  7. Resolutions
  8. Appointment of Executive Officers
  9. President’s Closing Remarks


  • A quorum of 20 Members is required to proceed with the AGM.  If the number is not reached, then the meeting will be postponed and rescheduled within 30 days.
  • Only Full Members of Harlow Rugby Union Football Club Limited can attend the AGM.
  • Members will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each report.
  • Resolutions for discussion are required to be lodged with the Honorary Secretary Mr Christopher McFerran (secretary@harlowrugby.club) no later than midnight on Sunday 27th August 2023.
  • The Proposer and Seconder must both be Full Members, and both the Proposer and Seconder are required to attend the meeting to present their Resolution.

The following positions are elected by the Members at the AGM:

Vice Chairman
Honorary Secretary
Chair of Rugby
Two x Members’ Representatives


  • Any Full Member, over the age of 18 on Wednesday 30th August 2023, is entitled to be nominated for any of these roles.
  • Nominations for each of these positions are required in writing to the Honorary Secretary, Mr Christopher McFerran (secretary@harlowrugby.club) no later than midnight on Sunday 27th August 2023.
  • Each nomination requires a Proposer and a Seconder (the Nominee, Proposer and Seconder must be Full Members, and all three are required to attend the meeting).
  • If there is a need for a ballot for any position, then this will be carried out by a show of hands.

The incumbent Executive is empowered to nominate members for these roles and as such they have nominated the following. This includes 2x Members’ Representatives who have expressed a willingness to stand for another year:

  • Chairman: Mr Paul Tucker
  • Vice Chairman: Mr Stephen Foreman
  • Honorary Secretary: Mr Christopher McFerran
  • Chair of Rugby: Mr Paul Tucker
  • Treasurer: Mrs Tracey Wedd
  • Members’ Representative:  Mr Ben White
  • Members’ Representative:  Miss Victoria Broad

If anyone wants to know more about any of these roles, or have any questions regarding the forthcoming AGM, then please do not hesitate to contact any of the Executive.

Kind regards

Paul Tucker
07801 072498
Chairman | Harlow Rugby Union Football Club Limited



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