Move Update – 18 Nov 2016

We have reached week 20 of the 46 week program, so nearly half way through, in terms of progress 40% of the project plan has been completed and we are on track for the project to complete on the 22nd May 2017.

In terms of the Club house we are pretty much on schedule, with no major issues at this time, first target is to have the building protected from the rain by the Xmas break. Huttons have appointed the majority of the sub-contractors and the review of the multitude of materials and finishes has also started.

In terms of the environs around the Club, the Badger exclusion zone is still in situ and to date we have seen no activity within our boundaries. The main car park has been formed including the protection to the brook and we expect to get sign off for the new entrance very shortly. The hedge has been significantly cut back to the boundary line, and all scrub removed, the new growth in the spring should ensure a well formed hedge. The areas for the memorial garden and the “Bracewell Oak” have been identified and will be installed in May/June 2017.

In terms of the Pitches, Pitches 1, 2 and the mini pitches are on schedule and will be ready for the official opening, however we have delayed the seeding work on Pitches 3 and 4, this is largely due to a delay in getting approvals from Thames Water for the works to the man hole that sits between pitches 3 and 4, and the high level of stones on these pitches which need to be removed before we attempt any seeding. Work on these pitches will restart in March, BUT in terms of actual grass growth we are only losing around 3 weeks. These pitches will be available from 1st September and as a result alternative training facilities have been sourced and use of these and the pitches at Latton Farm will be managed via the Rugby Committee.

Key Milestone Dates:


  • Week 3 November: first floor slab complete
  • Week 2 December: 1st floor Steel Frame in place
  • Week 3 December: ramp formed
  • Week 3 December: metal decking for roof in place and the building will be waterproofed


  • Week 2 February: all external masonry complete
  • Week 2 March: all external doors and windows will be in place
  • Week 3 March: car park complete
  • Week 3 April: installation of bar and cellars
  • Week 1 May: testing and commissioning of all systems
  • 22nd May: acceptance and Completion
  • 16th June: formal handover dinner
  • 17th June: official opening

Behind the scenes we are still working on the plans for:

  • Closing celebrations at Ram Gorse
  • The fixtures and fittings for the various hospitality areas including the terrace area
  • Management of the new facility
  • Pitch and ground maintenance
  • The opening ceremonies.

The next member visit will be in mid February 2017.

You can view the progress of our new clubhouse build here.

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