Coaches Pledge


  • I will always provide a safe and supportive environment and look after the welfare of all players. In addition, I will ensure that I am aware of the safeguarding processes within the club
  • I am committed to ensuring that coaching guidelines are adhered to and will prepare session plans that conform to England Rugby Coaching Awards Standards and Guidelines, while having the flexibility to meet the abilities of all players and Harlow Rugby Football Club


  • To effectively deliver the required coaching quality standards, I am committed to ensuring that I have completed the relevant learning/training, as stipulated by the RFU and to make a commitment to both my own and fellow coaches’ personal development. This includes a sound understanding of process and equipment utilised within the club
  • I acknowledge that all players should be treated with equality and respect, with the same standardisation and development opportunities.
  • I agree to show respect for all by not using inappropriate or derogatory nicknames for players, coaches, managers or others associated with club


  • I fully acknowledge that enjoyment is essential for players, coaches and volunteers to be able to participate and reach their full potential
  • I will encourage players to be a part of the Harlow Rugby Football club community and make friends, embracing the ethos of the club and RFU core values


  • I will act as a role model for our players, and as such, coaches’ managers and first aiders should refrain from excessive alcohol consumption while they have a scheduled coaching responsibility and are acting in loco parentis for players in their care. No alcohol should be consumed while on the pitch during any coaching, training or game play activity by a coach, manager or first aider that they have a responsibility towards


  • I agree to always act as an ambassador for the club by never showing dissent towards a referee, other club representatives or officials, and portray high standards of personal conduct and appearance whilst representing the club