The Club is delighted to announce that it has teamed up with ‘easyfundraising.org.uk’, the UK’s foremost fundraising facilitator, to offer our members, families, friends and supporters access to the websites of over 4,000 High Street and other large businesses while at the same time helping to raise much needed funds for continuing rugby development.

The scheme is simplicity itself, every time a customer who is signed up to our designated portal https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/harlowrufc/ makes a qualifying purchase the Club receives a small donation to our funds at no additional cost to you.  Whether you are shopping at Amazon, Booking.com, Boots or getting your insurance needs sorted with Aviva, it really is a win/win situation – you get the goods or services you require while the Club earns a small donation which will assist us to continue to function and thrive!

We will bring you more information on this exciting opportunity in the coming weeks but, in the meantime, why not log in to the website and do your shopping while providing invaluable support to the Club.  The site clearly sets out how the system works and includes details of how to download the App (if you wish) but please email Ken Potter at grants@harlowrugby.club if you have any queries.

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