Coach Mentoring

Coach Mentoring @ Harlow Rugby Club

At Harlow Rugby club we are keen to support our coaches deliver the best sessions they can and enable our players to be as good as they can be.

To help us achieve this, we want to support each other, so we are launching a mentoring program so coaches always have somewhere to go for support and assistance.


The goals of the programme are:

  • Supporting our volunteers charter
  • Foster a culture of cross team collaboration & support
  • Make the support we offer specific and not generic, mentoring can be for a limited period, through a specific issue, or for a longer period.
  • We want the relationships you build to be personal to your needs
  • Enable sharing of problems and solutions
  • Of course, you get out what you put in to a programme like this so we encourage the mentee and mentor to connect in a way that is suitable to you both

This is not intended to reduce communication with teams an age grade up or down to share recent experiences. This should complement the existing structure.

Definition of the Mentor Role

  • Ultimately this is personalised and defined by the mentee
  • Can be based on coaching style/technique, technical advice or team building
  • Could track progress against coaching curriculum
  • Assist the mentor make conscious decisions about direction and approach
  • Connect with coaches who aren’t able to attend coaching calls and courses in real time or attend coaching nights at Latton Park
  • Be a critical friend and help point out a potential new/amended direction

You could target to spend time together at key points in the season i.e.:

  1. Provide informal/ad-hoc support as it is needed
  2. Use key discussion points
  3. Can observe each other’s matches and/or training session


If you are interested in being a Mentor or having a Mentor please contact Paul Eynon on or call 07881 518260.

Please think about if you would like a mentor or be a mentee and what you would be interested in offering or receiving mentoring on. i.e. coaching style/technique, technical advice or team building. The more specific you are the better the match we will be able to find for you.


Enjoy your coaching!